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Will M (they/them)

Photographer, Designer, Developer, Webmaster

Ex art and photography student who has changed majors and media repeatedly. Formally studied Photography, Design, and Art History in San Francisco, and Drawing and Design in Davis. Self-taught in Web Design and Development. They continue to study and train independently across a variety of creative disciplines.

They primarily work as a photographer, and at this time, primarily using digital media, due to the cost of consumables such as film, chemistry, and paper. They plan to at least partially return to working with film and traditional darkrooms, as they are a better way to indulge in their mad scientist fantasies.

After too many years spent feeling creatively dead, both my inspiration and focus have returned over the past couple of months. I now am back to creating, and using my time off of work to not only build and improve this site, but make a return to photography and drawing.

They christened Sawwave Media, due to never having been good with thinking up names, and musing that their initials, if written in a certain way, resemble a saw wave.

Davis (Sacramento Area) Creatives

Dan P(he/him)

Designer, Developer, DJ, Generative Artist

Armed with MS Paint, I entered the world of digital art around 1997. Invoking epic space battles pixel by pixel on bitmap images of the international space station in orbit. From there I expanded my tool set to include Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML and JavaScript, in the pursuit of a higher fidelity expression.

The culture of the net was in its infancy and still very much discovering itself as it was creating itself. A special type of optimism and excitement was transmitted through the dial-up modem each time the loud negotiation with the server was complete and I was connected. A far cry from the homogenized, top-down internet that is fed to us through algorithmic echo chambers, distancing us even as we seek connectivity. Radically inclusive, radically expressive and completely new. The mystique of the late 90's net/hacker ethos and aesthetic spoke to me in a powerful way. I spent the early years making stylized text graphics for the headers of non-exisistent websites. Always with an eye toward the esoteric ASCII graffiti crews that represented the various hacker/cracker crews of the era.

After a summer internship at a graphic design firm in Denmark where I attended highschool, my concept of design began to mature and expand. At the intersection of the imagined and its digitally represented counterpart there is a liminal space that has always fascinated me. Trusty keyboard and mouse, often constraining creativity with its narrow and archaic input methods. I am interested in finding novel approaches to user interaction and co-creation. And the exploration of fresh, exponentially unfolding AI models for previously unconsidered masterpieces. The flow state which exists naturally between people engaged in collaborative art or expression is a phenomenon that I feel intuitively is not limited to human - human interaction. With the latest AI models, the potency of human - AI interaction and collaboration is the most awe inspiring thing to me since first considering the internet. These are the areas I draw inspiration from when looking to create functional design.

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