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About Us

Born at the dawn of 2022, and incorporated in March, Sawwave Art and Media was conceived to aid local creatives in collaboration, sharing portfolios, and facilitating art sales to the public. To further these aims, we also offer print and web design services. For commissions, please contact individual artists.

Artists hosted here work in a variety of media, from drawing and painting to traditional and digital photography, painting, drawing, ceramics, generative art, and videography.

As artists are harder to herd than cats, and as our founders have no desire for dictatorial control, we are in general, a loose affiliation, and members may come, go, and work for and with others however they see fit, though official projects are all posted here.

Philosophy and Mission

Amongst our influences are the Bauhaus movement, not strictly with geometric simplicity, but in that form and function are intertwined, as are fine art, craft, and design. Particularly with digital copies, mass-production is a given for many works. Though some of our works may be unique physical objects, or limited run prints, these are merely due to the nature of the works in question. Due to environmental concerns, as well as those related to the simple fact that they are a recipt, and not art in and of themselves (if they were, Duchamp did it first and better), we are opposed to the scam of NFTs. If someone wants something non-fungible, do us or other artists a favour, and buy a physical piece.

We are also inspired by the Hacker Ethos. Art, like code is created for its own sake, and nothing is created in a vacuum. Art, and code are all built within a culture, or brought across cultures, which then adapt what has already been created, and used as a foundation to create something entirely new. The template upon which this site is built is licensed under the GPL v3.0, and as we have taken this pre-existing code and design, freely given, our ongoing changes to both code and design elements are likewise given under the terms of the GPL. In this spirit, most of the art hosted here will also be under some form of open license, most often a variant of the Creative Commons. Yes, artists need to eat, and we intend to accomplish this by selling physical artwork, accepting commissions, and when all else fails, accepting donations from those who support our work and mission.

By and for Artists

Creativity is an addiction or compulsion, and certainly needs a useful outlet, and needs must. Thankfully, the barriers of entry are lower than in the past, and many tools or components can be repurposed from something else or scavenged.

In ages past, copyright law recognised this reality, and merely granted creators with a temporary monopoly on their works, returning the works to the commons within a few decades. In today's world, however, and a view supported by US courts is that copyright can last forever less one day, and still count as "temporary". In order to facilitate the open exchange of ideas, many works here will fall under some sort of Creative Commons license, and will be labelled as such.

100% of all commissions, contracts, and sales are directly through the artist(s) or designer(s) involved and the client or buyer, as are the proceeds. At present, our overhead costs are paid entirely by the founders. Our planned expansion will remain entirely artist-centred, and be funded by selling professional services and through crowd sponsorship platforms.

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